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Don't pay attention to their web site when they say that the item is in stock. I paid for expedited shipping, which means, apparently, that it won't be expedited because it isn't in stock.

Now, it will be over 2-weeks before I receive it. AND they will not automatically credit me for the expedited shipping I did not get ... I HAVE TO CALL THEM AFTER THE PRODUCT ARRIVES. So it does not inconvenience them, they inconvenience me ...

THE CUSTOMER. I think it was Sam Walton (of WalMart fame) who said that if you make one customer mad, he will tell a hundred.

NO ONE bothered to contact me and tell me about this. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC SERVICE.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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What do you expect. Amazon only company worth dealing with.

I am waiting on a Footsmart order,(17-Days and counting) which will be the last. ps... They charge the credit card before you get the shoes.

Weird name for a dumb company. I Boycott Footsmart.

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